Even More Facts About Burnsville


As we look forward to our move to Burnsville this year, enjoy these random facts about this suburb and the future community of Sovereign Grace Church!

  • There is a diverse range of food in Burnsville: you can visit Halal and Russian Markets, Mexican and Chinese grocery stores, Somali and Vietnamese restaurants (and more!)-all within a few miles of each other!  
    • Check out Tawakal off Nicollet (best chai and sombosas in the area!)
  • Burnsville has the 10th-largest population in the state of MN.
  • Some Native American artifacts were excavated in the River Hills area only to mysteriously disappear.
  • Roughly 100 dialects and languages are spoken throughout Burnsville.
  • Has a variety of local coffee shops.
    • Check out The Buzz Coffee and Cafe on Burnsville Parkway or JoJo’s Rise and Wine on Nicollet.