Meet the Brachles, part 1

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Meet the Brachle family! If you don't know, their name is pronounced like the vegetable. Adam (35) sells auto parts to mechanic shops as his day job, is the founder and Executive Director of Youth Impact Racing and moon lights as a NASCAR Chaplain on the weekends out at Elko Speedway every Saturday during racing season. Heidi (36) stays at home to manage the household, keep all the proverbial plates spinning and keep Wyatt from demoing the house. Someday she hopes to get back to writing encouragement for women at her blog.  Novia (10) is in 4th grade and loves all things horses, books, and persuading mom that we need a dog NOW. Not that any of our children are wallflowers, she very much is our social butterfly. A stranger she has never met. She’s a huge help around the house and with her younger siblings. Audri (7) is in 1st grade. She is gifted at caring for others. If you need a hug, a back rub or someone to hold your hand while, she’s your girl. If allowed she would be permanently attached to Grammy’s (Linda Strandquist) side. Colt (6) is in Kindergarten. He loves cars, airplanes, playing outside and working with Mr. Mitch. His favorite way to end the day is with a chapter or two from Papa’s Sugar Creek Gang books. Wyatt (2) is a constant whirlwind. He keeps us laughing and often biting back smiles when he tries to use his charm to get away with some shenanigan. Wyatt too has never met a stranger and is often high-fiving random people at Costco or saying hello to someone in a parking lot.

brachles for blogThe Brachles family has been attending SGC for 12 years.  A fun fact, Heidi’s parents (her mom, Linda Strandquist and her late father Larry) began attending SGC right around the same time they did. Her brother Tom and his wife Tessa became members a few years later. 

What brought you to Sovereign Grace Church? 

It’s a long story so I’ll (Heidi) try to give the abridged version. Right after we got married, we moved to West Virginia to be church planting interns. It was a short, but incredibly difficult season. In the end, things really fell apart and caused us to hit rock bottom. We moved back to MN desperate for care, fellowship, and real Gospel focused preaching. I had spent a lot of time praying and crying out to God for care and mentorship (I remember on more than one occasion, in my deep need asking God to wake someone up to pray for me). I knew in my mind I wanted to be poured into by people with deep Gospel roots and a marriage I admired. Other than my parents, my cousin Pam Bloom and her husband Jon were continually brought to mind. Our first Sunday visiting SGC was good and difficult all at the same time. I looked around at everyone worshipping with fervor and excitement and in my dry and bitter state found myself thinking that it had to all be fake. They couldn’t really all be that passionate in their relationships with the Lord. We had lunch with the Blooms after church and shared with them what we had been through in West Virginia. As long I live, I will never forget Pam pausing to tell me that on more than one occasion she had woken in the middle of the night impressed to pray for me (I hadn’t yet told her about my request of the Lord for that very thing). It was the first of many moments in our time at SGC where God poured His love directly over me through someone from this dear church family!

What are evidences of grace you see at work in SGC?

Holding tightly to God’s Word as the ultimate standard, a continued desire for the gifts of the Spirit and growing desire to take the Gospel to our neighbors, our city and the world are all evidences (among others) we see at SGC.

What are your favorite activities to do as a family?

We enjoy leisurely walks or exploratory hikes, bike rides, flying kites, nerf gun fights, ding dong ditching our favorite pastors and Sunday nights with popcorn and AFV. We’re looking forward to spending time in our new pool this summer!

What is a favorite family story?

When Audri was around 1 year old, Adam would have her balance on his hand. She was really good at it and we were all very entertained. Well at the Target checkout one day, a lady asked Novia about school. Novia proudly let the lady know that she would be going to preschool and when the lady asked Novia about her little sister, without hesitation Novia said, “Oh, we’re training her for the circus!”

Where do you serve at SGC? What drew you to these ministries?

We have served in a variety of ministries in our time at SGC, from hosting the Foundations course, to the hospitality team, worship team, children’s ministry and the bookstore (now the Resource Center). When we were invited to help host the Foundations course, this was of course right up Adam’s ally, but it was definitely outside my comfort zone. I love people just as much as he does, but I’m a bit slower to get to know new people. I’m thankful for those years of getting to know people so early in their time at SGC. Some of our dearest friendships began because we met them when we served in that capacity. We both love music so our time on the worship team was a natural one, but I think the ministry that helped us grow in knowing more people at SGC was children’s ministry. We started serving in CM about a year before we had Novia and not only was it a delight to interact with the children (seriously, we have so many hysterical and wonderful stories from our time in the toddler 2s room), but getting to know children helped us get to know their parents. Currently, I also facilitate a Women's Discipleship Huddle. 

Stay tuned for part 2 where you will read the hilarious story of how Adam and Heidi met and learn a little bit about Adam's ministry, Youth Impact Racing.