Meet the Smiths

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Meet the Smith family! Roger, Heather, Kara, Katelyn, and Vivionna have been attending Sovereign Grace Church for almost 10 years. The Smiths enjoy summer bike rides, walks, road trips (Heather loathes packing but is quite happy once they're finally on the road), family movie and game nights, bowling, making food together, watching music competition shows, and serving together at SGC.

2018_1:4 Smith FamilyWhile serving in a church in Wausau, WI, the Smiths were first introduced to Sovereign Grace Music and C.J. Mahaney. Roger elaborates, "[then] in 2008 we felt God clearly leading us to pursue life in a Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) church. Key factors in our decision included SGM’s commitment to expressive worship, celebration of God’s sovereign hand in salvation, gospel- focused body life, pursuit of all the spiritual gifts, exegetical preaching, and a biblical model of church leadership. It has been the best decision we’ve ever made for our marriage and family." 

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Tell us a little bit about your family:

  • Roger & Heather will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in July 2018.
  • Roger, our youngest adult, loves reading, making and listening to music, photography, sports, fixit projects, coffee, spicy food, back rubs, and dates with Heather and his girls.
  • Heather is only two months older than Roger (she wanted to clarify this). Unlike Roger, she has hair and good looks that make her look 10 years younger (Roger interjects, "You’re welcome, my love"). She also loves homeschooling our three girls, naps, gardening, a good cup of Earl Gray tea, music, downtime in the evenings, and dates with Roger.
  • Kara recently became our first teenager and loves reading, cooking, music, art, youth group, summer camp, is hilariously dramatic, and loves to host people in our home. Kara was baptized at SGC in June 2016.
  • Katelyn is 11 and loves anything pink and sparkly. Additionally, she likes reading, violin, piano, and recently helping her dad with fixit projects using her new set of pink tools. Katelyn was also baptized at SGC in June 2016.
  • Vivionna is 10 and loves gymnastics, piano, food (in general), and is great at making us laugh. She came into our family as a 7-year old in 2014 and officially became a Smith in April 2016.

And how did Viv become a Smith?

  • In July 2014 we met Vivi through Ryan and Amber Quiring (also members of SGC) who were caring for Vivi’s baby sister, Nevaeh. Vivi’s biological mother had multiple children, and she desired for them to have better lives, including father figures. Amber asked if we’d pray about taking in Vivi. We presented the idea to Kara and Katelyn who were all for it, and asked us daily, “Has God shown you yet?” After a series of events and meetings with Vivi’s mom, Vivi came to live with us in late November 2014 and has been with us ever since. Adoption has been the hardest things we’ve ever done, but we regularly see God’s grace as he grows and blesses all of us through the process. We thank God that he completed our family with Vivi, and that SGC welcomed her from day one. Your love, encouragement, prayers, and support overwhelmed us. Thank you.

Where do you serve at SGC? What drew you to these ministries?

  • Currently Roger serves as the Deacon overseeing SGK (Sovereign Grace Kids). We totally love kids and nurturing families to experience gospel life together. Heather loves greeting as well as helping new families connect. So, serving as an SGK check-in helper has been a great fit. Kara recently joined SGK and loves serving wherever needed. Katelyn and Vivionna are in SGK, but enjoy helping with setup and teardown alongside their daddy. 

What are evidences of grace you see at work in SGC?

  • Before attending SGC we had never experienced a church like it. There is not enough time or space to enumerate the many graces evident here. But, in short, it was here that we first came to experience humble pastoral leadership, expressions of worship that reminded us of heaven, and honest help in growing as spouses, parents, and fellow-believers.
  • SGC is planting churches!
  • SGC is stepping out in faith to pursue our community and culture in fresh and new ways, which is really exciting.
  • SGC continues to birth new ministries from within our church.
  • SGC is not satisfied with mediocre, but rather strives for more of the Spirit’s filling and blessing.

Little Known Facts About the Smith Members: 

  • Roger's favorite color is crimson ("think Jesus, not Alabama," he says).
  • If Heather could only eat one meal for a year it would be seafood. 
  • Kara's favorite animal is the tiger. 
  • Katelyn would love to travel to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower while eating exquisite macaroons.
  • Vivionna superpower of choice: "to not be limited by having only one superpower and have access to any power at any time."