Ministry Spotlight: Discipleship Huddles

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Last week, we met the Brachle family and learned a little bit about them. We found out that Heidi leads a Women's Discipleship Huddle. Here, Heidi answers a few questions about Discipleship Huddles at Sovereign Grace Church. 

brachles for blog 2What are Discipleship Huddles?  

Discipleship Huddles are small groups (usually 4 to 6) of the same gender that gather together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the sake of growing together in sanctification.

What is the vision and mission for Discipleship Huddles?

Huddles exist to help one another discern areas in our lives where God is calling us to grow in obedience and help one another respond to that calling with greater faith through the power of the gospel. As Christians, we are not islands unto ourselves, but rather we are part of the body of Christ and we need the grace available to us through biblical fellowship with one another. We need one another to walk obediently in the discipleship lifestyle and to press on when life gets hard and we just can’t go it alone. The biblical fellowship found in Huddles is a grace that flows to us from God’s church, from other disciples.

What excites you about Discipleship Huddles?  

When we first came to SGC, our first small group experience was life changing for me. We went deep and were very purposeful in our desire to help one another root out sin, find our joy in our Savior and grow in grace. Those were poignant years of growth in my walk with God. As groups grew in size, the dynamic changed, and it was harder to be as intentional and go as deep with one another. While I’ve continued to have deep relationships with women who are pointing me to Jesus, when I heard the specifics about Huddles I was excited for all of us. As a body, when we go deep with one another, encourage one another to lay aside every weight and sin, we shine more brightly with the light of the Gospel and are more effective in proclaiming the glories of Calvary!

What made you decide to be a Huddle facilitator?

To be completely honest, I missed aspects of leading a discipleship group. As the wife of a discipleship group leader I was already more of a facilitator more than a “leader”. I have a heart that longs to encourage women and I also highly value prayer, so in some ways it felt like a no brainer.

What evidences of grace do you see at work in our Discipleship Huddle ministry?

In a very personal way, I’ve seen God’s grace at work in my husband’s Huddle as well as my own with the ways they have served us with food and physical labor while we worked on our house. I’ve also been blessed to be meeting with my group of ladies at Jo Jos in Burnsville and see another group walk in. I’m praying that our regular presence there will soon make its mark!  

How can we get involved in a Huddle?  

Finding a huddle is super easy, you can head to this page on the church website and see where Huddles are meeting locally to you. They meet on different days and at varying times and locations, so you can pick one that best works with your schedule. And if you think you’d like to facilitate a Huddle, Pastor Jon would be more than happy to hear from you and give you more information about Huddle facilitators training!