Ministry Spotlight: Hospitality Team

ministry spotlight (blog)

We met Tony Wilson a few weeks ago and he's back to shine a little more light on our hospitality team at Sovereign Grace Church. 

tony wilson 2What drew you to the Hospitality Team?

I had already been welcoming people informally, and thought it would be a good opportunity to serve more people at church! I also really like the idea of ambushing people if they have to duck out quickly after the sermon – being on front door means I get to duck out with them!

What is the mission of the Sovereign Grace hospitality team?

Our mission is to be a tangible expression of God’s heart for the “outsider.” While it is always a delight to greet our fellow brothers and sisters who are members, it is the aim of the hospitality team to reach out to new guests and help them know that they have a place to belong with us. And just as God (in Christ) initiated relationship with us, so does the hospitality team have the privilege of initiating relationship with new guests.

How do you think serving on the hospitality team highlights your gifts?

Many have told me that I have the gift of hospitality, and so I would like to say being on the hospitality team highlights that very gift! I really do enjoy engaging people in conversation and helping to break the ice.

What are you most excited for in the hospitality team?

I’m always excited to see new faces and meet new people! I think it will be especially exciting to be the first face that many people will see and associate with our church when we move into our new church building. It’s a big responsibility, but I’m also very excited that I will be able to follow a lot more people’s stories because I get to connect with them at the front door.

What evidences of grace do you see in the hospitality team (the volunteers, the congregation, etc)?

It’s so refreshing to come in on Sunday and no matter the circumstances (inclement weather, logistical complications, etc.) there is always a measure of genuine joy and love.

How can we get involved in the hospitality team? Why should we volunteer for the hospitality team?

Starting with the hospitality team is very simple! You can connect with Shawn Powers and he can get you started. Especially with our impending move to Burnsville and having a 24/7 outpost for ministry, we really need a full team who can commit to modeling hospitality for the rest of our church family. We don’t just greet new people at the door – we proclaim the Gospel by drawing the outsider in.