Ministry Spotlight: Proclaim

ministry spotlight (blog)

We met Waldean and his wife Sheila a few weeks ago. The Walls have begun the Proclaim ministry at SGC. Here, Waldean tells us a little bit more about this ministry. 

What is Proclaim? What lead you to initiate this ministry?

BLOG_Waldean_WallProclaim is a group for those age 50+. We have lunch together, pray together, encourage each other, and serve where needed. The real goal here is to help each other to lives of faith and ministry even as we might be tempted to relax. Just like everyone else at SGC, we’re striving be faithful to Jesus in all things to the end.

The actual concept of this grew from a need that I have; a need for encouragement to live by faith as I get older. So, if I need encouragement in this, I assume others do too.

What is the mission/vision?  

The mission here is really identical to the mission of SGC. We want to delight in, display, and declare Jesus.

Proclaim connects with this mission by focusing on three things. First, there’s a social function. We have lunch together so we can meet others and grow relationally and laugh together. Second, as folks with much in common, we want to help each other become more like Jesus. And third, we want to serve each other, the church, and those outside the church.

Why should folks get involved in Proclaim?  

Being age 50+ brings its challenges. While we should, in maturity, be pursuing a life of Christ-dependent service, the temptation to relax in what this world offers can be overwhelming. So, Proclaim is here to encourage those in this age group to press on and live out all that Jesus is for us. If you’re new to SGC, Proclaim can be a great way to meet others.

How can folks get involved in Proclaim? When is the next event?

The next meeting will be in May and all you need to do is sign up and come. When we announce it, just sign up. It happens after church on Sunday and we meet for 90 minutes.