More Facts About Burnsville!


As we look forward to our move to Burnsville this year, enjoy these random facts about this suburb and the future community of Sovereign Grace Church!

  • The Mdewakanton Dakota were the earliest settlers to come through Burnsville, following the river and various animals they hunted.
  • Chief Black Dog (you may recognize Black Dog Lake and Black Dog Road named after him) set up a permanent village in 1750. Reportedly over 250 people lived in the village.
  • What we now know as a location for winter sports (skiing, snow tubing, etc), Buck Hill was a gathering spot where Dakota watched deer drink from Crystal Lake. Early settlers named this spot after that activity.
  • The first European settlers were Irish, Scottish and Norwegian farmers who came upriver from Saint Paul.
  • Pre-World War II, Burnsville was a rural a quiet village with a population 583 people.
  • Following the construction of 35W in 1960, Burnsville experienced a population boost.
  • As of the 2010 census, there are now 60,306 residents in Burnsville.