Redemption Hill Church Update

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God is on mission to redeem His people through Jesus Christ. The redemption of God’s elect people is the message of the Bible, and it is the mission of the church. You can put that on my gravestone. I’ll be saying that until I die. And so, it is because of God’s mission, which we have the privilege to join, that I am leading a church plant.

Quick Overview and Review

Planting Redemption Hill Church has been a long time coming. Therefore I want to provide you an update on what God is doing to build His church through church planting.

Sovereign Grace Church is getting ready to send me out in September. And there are several families and one individual who has also committed to join God’s grand mission by joining the Redemption Hill Church launch team. I want to take a moment to share with you what God is doing to build His church.

  • Ryan and Shelby Anderson sense God’s calling to join the launch team. Since committing God has provided for the Andersons with a job for Ryan. A job that Ryan thinks he will thoroughly enjoy. Ryan and Shelby will be moving to the Des Moines metro in the next few weeks.
  • Brooks has moved to Des Moines and has a job.
  • Aaron and Jocelyn Reichart, again, former members of Sovereign Grace Church, live a bit south of the Des Moines metro, but plan to move closer to the area of the church plant and will be joining the launch team.

  • Jen and Danny Davis are also joining. Jen’s last name use to be Franz, and she is a former member of SGC. She moved to Des Moines after marrying Danny. They recently moved from the suburb of West Des Moines and to the suburb of Waukee, just minutes from the school that Redemption Hill hopes to use for Sunday services.
  • Logan and Kennedy Kane have moved to Des Moines and secured jobs. Brooks and Logan have transferred their college credits from Bethany to Spurgeon College where they will now pursue their undergraduate and Master of Divinity degrees.
  • Rob and Erica Danielson, former members of SGC, are living in the Des Moines area and will be joining the church plant. The Powers and Danielson family will be living near each other.
  • And there is John and Sarah Wetzel. John continues to look for a job in the Des Moines area. So you can specifically pray for that job.

And these are just the people you may know because they have connections with this local church. Other people continue to pray about joining the Redemption Hill Church launch team. And I am excited to see God continue to build his church.

What is Next

Now, many have noticed on social media or have heard from us in person that we have sold our home, moved out in 28 days, and then found a place to live in the Des Moines area. God was gracious to us, and as I look back, I am in awe of how God has providently worked in the Powers family.

So, all of that has happened, and we are still here because Charice’s mom and step-father have graciously opened up their home to us while we are in transition. The next logical question is this: when are we moving? The answer, the family will be moving at the end of August. And the official SGC send off is September 23. In between our move and the send-off I’ll still be around preparing for the church plant, fulfilling elder responsibilities, and preaching a couple of times. Between now and the send-off I will also be traveling to Philadelphia, Hastings NE, Kansas City, and of course to Des Moines. So, it will be a busy few months. But it’s all worth because Jesus is always worth the time, energy, money, and travel.

Get Involved!

So that is a quick update about what is going on. If you have questions, do not hesitate to find me. But this is what I want to leave you with this point of action. It will be awesome if you all keep Redemption Hill Church in your prayers. I want you to be praying for the people who are stepping out in faith and radically changing their lives for the sake of the gospel. And you can receive prayer updates about the church plant by going to

God is on the move at Sovereign Grace Church and in Des Moines, Iowa. I can’t wait to come back and visit so that I can share with you stories about God’s faithfulness to build his church.